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Noticing With Natalie

Natalie Ross

Connection is the channel through which life flows, and yet Western society runs on a domination-based worldview. This can make it challenging for people whose work and lives are devoted to healing and connection to speak their truths, market their offers, and put themselves out there.

Natalie Ross (she/her) explores how we can repair our capacity for connection, drop the facades we were told we had to wear, and stop hiding behind masks that once kept us safe but are no longer needed.

Whether you want to reveal more of your weird self in your everyday life, express yourself more transparently in your art, or attract more aligned customers in your business, subscribe for deep reflections and actionable insights that inspire your devotion to connection.

In her work with others, Natalie helps folks craft compelling offers, attract kindred customers, and confidently share their soul work with the world using a unique blend of somatic-based trauma healing, psychic development, animist perspectives, marketing know-how, and flexible structure.

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